The Road Film Festival: Step into the International Film Festival

CineCina announces the Road Film Festival, the renowned New York-based film festival dedicated to promoting excellent international films, will return to New York at the Director Guild of America Theater, from October 25 to November 3, 2019. 15 films will be screened with an estimated total audience of 5,000 people. The festival organizers have invited Samuel Maoz, a well-known Israeli director, to share their experiences as well as to judge the competition films.

The Road Film Festival established a mutual communication platform to boost film culture exchanges. Compared with the first CineCina Film Festival, the Road Film Festival has more excellent films from East Asia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and North America, including but not limited to Chinese films. In this film festival, there are ten high-quality competitive works, and some of them are generated from the world’s three major film festivals. For example, “It Must Be Heaven” and “The Wild Goose Lake” at the 2019 Cannes International Film Festival, as well as “The Factory” in the Contemporary Word Cinema selection at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, will be participated in the Main slate. In addition, a total of five films will be screened to form a Special Screening section. Among them, the representative work of Kyoto animation A Silent Voice will participate in the Special Screening section and start a donation activity, in order to commemorate the Kyoto Animation arson attack. Multiple excellent international films enrich the Road Film Festival and diversify the content.

It is reported that the Road Film Festival launched the Horizon Project for the first time. Young talents are encouraged to submit their projects in order to accept the evaluation by professional filmmakers and industry insiders. The chosen talents will receive huge amount of rewards to fund their artistic creation. Also, youth filmmakers have chance to be given material resources and expert guidance by showing their artistic potential.

The Road Film Festival also announced the official Masterclass roster. Samuel Maoz whose film Lebanon won the Golden Lion Award at the 66th Venice International Film Festival in 2009 will give two masterclass lectures to share his film career experience.

CineCina, as the organizer of the Road Film Festival, continuously promotes excellent films from all over the world, shares excellent films with New York audiences, and boost film culture exchanges. In the past two years, CineCina has greatly promoted domestic cultural and Entertainment and Intellectual Property through commercial activities such as the New York Chinese Film Festival and New York Chinese Art Festival, which has been widely recognized in North America.

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