About Us

CineCina Film Festival (CineCina) is a New York-based organization focused on discovering the best Chinese cinema. The main goal of CineCina Film Festival is to build an international platform to exhibit Chinese films. Located in New York, CineCina has the opportunity to exhibit films to more people and promote cultural exchange among diverse audiences. Overall, CineCina hopes to become an incubator for Chinese art-house cinema. The inaugurantion of CineCina Film Festival will take place from April 5th to 19th in 2019, during which 22 Chinese art-house films will be presented. CineCina will collaborate with various partners to initiate integrated marketing and PR campaigns. In addition, CineCina is planning to invite distinguished filmmakers, producers, film industry professionals and professors in related fields as the attending guests.

CineCina Film Festival was founded and run by a group of innovative young film scholars and professionals from both China and the US. CineCina believes that cinema is a powerful medium that can bridge language differences to convey ideas across different cultural backgrounds. Thus, we hope to build such an outlet to promote cultural exchange and understanding.

CineCina New York Staff