Our Team

Vina Sun – Founder and Director
孙微纳 – 创始人/总监

Vina Sun is the founder and director of the inaugural CineCina Film Festival. As  an aspiring film curator, she devotes her passion to quality stories with strong investment in gender equality. She graduated from Film and Media Studies at Columbia University. aiming to combine her knowledge of film theory and history with filmmaking and producing practices. Also among her interests is virtual reality and its potentials in transforming conventional storytelling mode into more relatable spectatorial experiences.


Sonia Brand-Fisher – Co-Director
索尼娅·布兰德·费舍 – 联席总监

Master of Arts in Film and Media Studies at Columbia University. Bachelor of Arts with High Honors in Film and Media Studies at Smith College. Research/Editorial Assistant, Event Coordinator, and Teaching Assistant at Columbia University (2 years); Program Director at The Massachusetts Center of Interdisciplinary Renaissance Studies at The University of Massachusetts, Amherst (4 years); Director of Five College Student Film and Video Festival at Smith College (1 year).

哥伦比亚大学电影与媒体研究文学硕士。史密斯学院电影与媒体研究荣誉文学士。哥伦比亚大学研究/编辑助理,活动协调员和助教;马萨诸塞大学阿默斯特分校马萨诸塞州跨学科文艺复兴研究中心项目主任;史密斯学院五大学生电影和录像节主任 。

Wentao Ma – Co-Director
马文韬 – 联席总监

Master of Arts in Film and Media Studies at Columbia University. Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication at Swansea University. Art Events Manager and Research Assistant for Film Division at Columbia University (Dec.2017-Mar.2019). Translator, whose works include Beijing Film Academy Yearbook 2017, recently published by University of Chicago Press.


Ian Zhou-Director of New Filmmaker Initiative
周天一 – 项目创投总监

Master of Arts in Film and Media Studies at Columbia University. Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies at Beijing Film Academy. International coordinator of “Forward Future” Section in Beijing International Film Festival 2015-17


Raining Chen – Director of Marketing
陈雨霏 – 市场部负责人

Majoring Media, Culture and Communication and minoring in Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology: Joint Stern-Steinhardt-Tisch Minor and History at NYU. Event coordinator of Student Council in NYU London, Co-founder of Hwhumans; Interned/Volunteered at Sundance Film Festival, New York Fashion Week,  Alibaba Group, Xinhua News Agency and etc.


Kally Zhao – Director of Business Development
赵康登 – 商务拓展负责人

Majoring Media, Culture and Communication and minoring in East Asian Study and Producing at NYU. Co-Founder & Director of FilMarathon; President at NYU Chinese Student & Scholar Association; Associate Producer at Man of La Mancha 2019 NY mandarin production.


Alice Ai- Director of Operation

Master of Arts in Communication, Rutgers University. Cineaste, years of experiences at student film crews. Contributed to several Wechat film subscription accounts.


Calvin Chen – Director of Public Relations
陈韵宇 – 公关部负责人

Master of Science in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at New York University. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Producing and Management at Beijing Film Academy.Interned/Volunteered at Paramount Pictures, BBDO Worldwide, The 60th Annual Grammy Awards, The 2018 International Emmy Awards, and etc.


Frank Yan Co-Director of Programing
严睿成 – 策展部联席总监

Master of Arts in Cinema Studies at New York University. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at University of California Los Angeles. Co-founder of Soundtrack Magazine.