1st CineCina Film Festival – Jury

1. 梅峰
MEI Feng

MEI Feng is an Associate Professor at Beijing Film Academy, who has been publishing many essays and translation works. He has also been known as a screenwriter on Lou Ye’s films including Summer Palace, Spring Fever and The Shadow Play. His directorial debut Mr. No Problem, based on a 1943 novella by Lao She, won the 53rd Golden Horse Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

2. Richard Peña
Richard Peña

Richard Peña has been a Professor in Film at Columbia University since 1989. Mr. Peña has also served as the Program Director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Director of the New York Film Festival from 1988 to 2012. At the Film Society, he has organized retrospectives of many directors including Michelangelo Antonioni, Abbas Kiarostami, Robert Aldrich, Yasujiro Ozu, as well as major film series devoted to African, Chinese, Cuban, Polish, Hungarian, Arab, Korean, Japanese Soviet and Argentine cinema.

3. Feng-Mei Heberer
Feng-Mei Heberer

Feng-Mei Heberer is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Cinema Studies at New York University. Her research broadly engages the fields of transnational media, ethnic, feminist, and queer studies to explore the intersections of media, race, capital and migration. Complementing her academic work, she has also been a film curator for several film festivals, including the Asian Film Festival Berlin.

4. 大旗虎皮(李洋)
LI Yang

Li Yang is a Professor of the School of the Arts at Peking University, as well as a columnist for Movie View Magazine and Southern Metropolis Daily. The main areas of his scholarly interests are European Cinema History, Film Theory and Film Aesthetics. His publication include many essays, translations and two books in Chinese, namely, The Ethic of Regards (2014) and A History of Cinephilia Culture (2010).

5. 叶航
YE Hang

YE Hang is a Chinese film critic and an Assistant Professor at Beijing Film Academy. As a film critic, he has been hosting a series of popular review shows on CCTV-6 and publishing articles for newspapers and magazines. Complementing his writing, he has also been a film curator and member of jury at serval international film festivals, including the Beijing International Film Festival.

6. 鹏飞
SONG Pengfei

SONG Pengfei is a Chinese screenwriter and director, as well as a regular collaborator of Tsai Ming-Liang and co-writer of Tsai’s Stray Dogs. Pengfei’s first feature film, Underground Fragrance, awarded Best Film in the Venice Days on September 11 at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival; with the film, the emerging Chinese director took the Gold Hugo for New Directors at the 51st Chicago International Film Festival. His second project, The Taste of Rice Flower, was also a Venice Days select at the 74th Venice International Film Festival.

7. 没有羊先生 Tony Lin
Tony Lin

Tony Lin is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, author, media researcher. Graduated from University of Hong Kong and Columbia Journalism School, Tony produced videos for BuzzFeed News, Bloomberg, Atlas Obscura, GLAAD, among many. His documentary “A City of Two Tales” won Audience’s Choice Award at Shanghai Pride Film Festival, and was screened across Asia, Europe and North America. Tony is also a frequent contributor of GQ, The Washington Post, Columbia Journalism Review, Initium Media, Upworthy, etc.

8. 张大磊

ZHANG Dalei is an emerging young film director. He grew up near the film studio where his father worked. After his Film Directing study in Saint Petersburg, he worked as a director’s assistant and made several short films. His feature length film The Summer Is Gone was awarded Best Film at the Golden Horse Film Festival.