CineCina Initiative Project

CineCina Initiative

In addition to the traditional short film competition, we are also launching the CineCina Initiative, which welcomes fellow creatives to pitch their undeveloped projects. Young talents are encouraged to bring in their ideas in any presentable form and compete for a chance to be given material resources and expert guidance.

The festival will also feature Project Horizon to welcome short and feature-length film projects that will be made available to pitch to distributors. Showcasing new talent in this way will give voice and opportunity to the next generation of filmmakers. This festival hopes to provide a platform for newcomers to gain exposure and share in the impact of their co-presentation to facilitate cultural exchange, understanding, and discourse.

General Rules

1. By October 2019, the short film must be in Writing/ Preproduction/ Production/ Funding  stage (Projects in post-production are without consideration)

2. The project should already have an outline of script

3. There should be specific people who sit in the role of director and producer.

4. Not participating in other initiative platforms are preferred

Application materials

1. Director’s resume and work credits

2. Project one-liner (within 50 words)

3. Story synopsis (within 200 words)

4. Director’s statement (within 200 words)

5. Screenplay outline (within 500 words)

6. Video links to Director’s past works (no restrictions, link and passwords required)

Additional material for in-production project

7. Project developing status (within 100 words)

Optional materials

1. Complete screenplay

2. Storyboard

3. Budget breakdown

4. Shooting schedule

Application method


2. Email:

Application fee

Early bird application (July 31st): 30 USD

Standard application (August 31st): 40 USD

Late application (September 20th): 50 USD

Shortlist treatment

1. Project will be invited to attend CineCina Film Festival: The Road.

2. Project will be promoted by CineCina official media.

3. Project will be presented by the candidates, and judges will vote for the awards.

4. Project will get a chance to win First prize, Second Prize or Third prize and be awarded 5000USD, 3000USD, 1000USD in cash or equivalence.

5. Shortlist results will be informed before September 30th