1st CineCina Film Festival

The First CineCina Film Festival to Be The Exchange Platform for Excellent Chinese Movies in East Coast

December 1st, 2018 (New York, NY) – CineCina announces the first CineCina Film Festival (CCFF), the only New York-based film festival dedicated to promoting excellent Chinese films, will take place in Manhattan, New York, from April 5th to 19th, 2019. The film festival includes a retrospective of classic Chinese films and the first screening of important Chinese art films in North America in recent years. The first CineCina Film Festival has five thematic units: Focus on Chinese Filmmakers (Lou Ye), Genre Films, Female Screen Images, Diverse Chinese Society and Special Screenings, a total of 17 films.

The film “Four Springs” directed by Lu Qingyi will be the opening film of CCFF. The screenings include Chinese popular new films such as “Tracey”, as well as “Mr. No Problem” and “The Taste of Rice Flower”. In addition, the “Focus on Chinese Filmmakers” unit is titled “The Chinese Desire Observer”, which is the first retrospective of the director Lou Ye’s presence in North America. These films show different understandings of history and reality, and are representative of high-quality Chinese independent films with creative, experimental and artistic quality.

CineCina Film Festival also introduces a new “Short Film Awards” section to provide a space for exhibition and communication of young Chinese film works. The CineCina Film Festival is committed to becoming the cradle of new Chinese youth filmmakers. The committee will unearthed the most avant-garde and artistic Chinese short films. These short films will generate cultural radiation centered from New York, and spread across regions by the college tour and screening events. Richard Peña, professor of film at the Columbia University School of Art, will be the chairman of the committee.

“The Chinese film industry has experienced a qualitative leap in the past two decades, but only limited Chinese-language films have been released in North America,” said Yue Huang, Director of Programming at CineCina. “The film festival is an ideal platform for cultural communication. The CineCina Film Festival will bring more quality Chinese films to the United States, adding more opportunities for the screening and distribution of Chinese-language films in America, so as to influencing and promoting the exchange of film culture between the two countries.”